Raft Music | The Rise of AI in Music for Media
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The Rise of AI in Music for Media

Revolutionising Composition, Curation, and Consumption

The music industry is changing rapidly as artificial intelligence (AI) enters media music. Artificial intelligence has changed the way music is composed, curated and consumed in film, television and advertising. AI-powered platforms can now create custom backing tracks based on specific parameters like genre, tempo and length, making the process cheaper and more efficient.

AI has also changed the way original scores are created for media. AI-powered music composers use deep learning algorithms to create original music in a variety of styles. With a vast library of classical music to learn from, they have already been used to score short films, indicating its potential to disrupt music composition for media.

There are concerns about the benefits of artificial intelligence in music for media, its effects on the ndustry and creative expression. Fears that the use of artificial intelligence in music making could lead to the loss of jobs for musicians and composers are not unfounded. In addition, some worry that AI-produced music may lack the emotional depth and nuance of human-made music. However, it is important to understand that artificial intelligence is not intended to replace human creativity, but rather to augment it. Artificial intelligence can be used to create musicians and composers and test new ideas and approaches. The use of AI-produced music in movies and TV shows can also create new sources of income for musicians and composers.

AI is changing the way music is created, curated and consumed in media. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, it is possible to quickly and cheaply create background music and compose original songs in different styles. Although there are concerns about the effects of AI on the music industry and creative expression, AI can be seen as a complement to human creativity, not a replacement for it.

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